The quality of our beef is important to us. Members of the Scotch Beef Club and Visit Scotland’s Taste Our Best quality accreditation, we work closely with our butcher and use only the best Scottish grass fed produce which is hung on the bone and dry-aged for up to 45 days, ensuring a consistently high-end product.

Why do we use Scottish grass fed produce?

We place value on the taste and quality of our beef and opt for Scottish grass fed beef as it is amongst the best in the world for being of superior quality, and we are lucky enough to have it on our doorstep. Our beef is also reared outdoor on natural products such as grass or root crops, and as a result grows slowly, developing a natural full flavour that is tender and succulent, resulting in a more mouth-watering taste.


Our butcher will hang our meat for up to 45 days until it reaches optimum flavour levels. We dry-age our beef and hang it on the bone at a regulated temperature for three to five weeks to allow improved tenderness and flavour. In this hanging time, moisture escapes from the beef and it becomes truly tender. Most authorities agree that this process gives a far superior taste and we agree.


We’ve developed a new range of colossal sharing Scotch steaks called Cuts On The Bone for our customers. What makes these cuts extraordinary is the specialised dry-aging process of hanging cuts on the bone; this process allows for an enhanced ageing period of 45 days as the bone retains more moisture, delivering that unadulterated taste perfection.

Perfect for sharing or for an adventurous one, four delicious cuts have been developed with each promising to deliver a steak explosion for every palate; from the exquisite jewel-in-the-crown buttery-textured fillet on the bone that’s rarely seen – even in some of the world’s best steakhouses, the ‘king of steaks’ porterhouse, the classic well-marbled sirloin on the bone and the succulent Flintstone-esque humungous bone in rib steak that is the Tomahawk.

Ranging in size from 700g to 2kg, these awe-inspiring cuts are hung on the bone in their own ‘Butchershop’ dry-aging room in an exclusive partnership with Cairnhill Farm in Girvan, where our fourth-generation master butcher hangs the grass-fed Scottish beef for 45 days, allowing each cut the correct amount of time to reach the optimum buttery melt-in-your-mouth flavour level.



What is a Tomahawk Steak? 

One of our colossal Cuts On The Bone, this cut is so kick-ass, it’s named after a deadly weapon. Our 45 day dry aged TOMAHAWK steaks are a rite of passage for any true meat aficionado. Aged, cooked and served with an entire, half-meter long rib bone, the meat is packed with the most intense beefy punch of any cut you’re likely to try and, of course, comes with that added ‘wow-factor’ you only get with this Flintstone-esq cut! An ideal sharing steak for a special occasion or the ultimate indulgence for an ambitious one.