Introducing... Badachro Gin

We’ve always been advocates for championing Scottish produce at The Butchershop, and when our friends at the newly launched Badachro distillery presented us with a very special bottle from their new gin, we couldn’t help but talk about it!

Created in the small town of Badacharo, in the Scottish Highlands. Gordon & Vanessa Quinn both educated themselves on the art of distilling whilst getting experience in other distilleries before finally opening their own in June this year.

The couple have created this awesome new gin using only locally foraged ingredients, with the caveat that they will only use what they can see from the window of the distillery! Combining traditional botanicals with gorse blossom, bog myrtle & other hand-picked botanicals from around Badachro, they’ve managed to create something special, unique and unequivocally Scottish by nature.

We are proud owners of the 4th bottle ever created & in the photo below you will see this bottle with a rare ‘test batch’ label. Recently they created a colourful new label that depicts the purity of the land, mountains and water around Badachro, the clarity of the sky and the copper of the still, Delilah.

According to the team at Badachro, the best way to enjoy this Scottish gin is; With either a slice of orange, a handful of crushed blueberries, or strawberries and a vanilla pod.

It is still very early stages for the distillery however there are already two other types of gin being created in time for winter, including a classic Sloe Gin along with a Blackcurrant gin. Alongside this, they also plan on releasing their own rum brand. Watch this space!