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Stv Appeal 2015

THANK YOU to all our guests, staff and suppliers that helped us do our bit for the STV Appeal and help children living in poverty in Scotland.

This is the third year we’ve backed the campaign and Friday night saw our team creating complimentary cocktails and mocktails over at STV HQ, quenching the thirsts of fundraisers galore for their live show. This was a celebration of the efforts from across Glasgow, from RBS, Lidl, Glasgow Warriors to school groups, choirs and dancers, with even The Rusk Company – Butchershop and Hutchesons donating a cheque to Sean Batty live on STV! Well done to Martin (Assist GM, Butchershop) for rallying the team!

Rusk Company STV

Between both of our venues, we raised a massive £1500 from customer donations and sales of our AWESOME steaks. Our owners, James and Louise Rusk have generously matched this donation taking the total to £3000 which goes straight to helping children in Scotland. Thanks to everyone who donated and to our supplier Pernod Ricard for the appreciated support. Peach Appeal Perfect was indeed perfect!


Lorraine Kelly revealed the final total raised on Friday night - a total sum of £2,913,083 donated by STV viewers. Amazing results for an outstanding charity! Until next year!

Butchershop Pop-Up in The 158 Café Bar at Hutchesons

Butchershop Pop Up

We’re getting a mini-makeover and some well earned TLC on Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th of October! This means our doors will be shut #SadFace BUT it also gives us the perfect opportunity to move home for three days with an awesome Butchershop Pop-Up in our sister venue, The 158 Café Bar at Hutchesons.

That’s right, there’s no need to worry about Butchershop withdrawal symptoms as we up sticks and take a three day vacation to the glitz and glam of Glasgow’s Merchant City!

We’ll be running our famous Burger vs. Steak Frites for the duration of the pop-up, as well as taking a truck load of our awesome TOMAHAWKS with us for those that just can’t handle the thought of going three days without a steak fit for Fred Flintstone.

Call 01415524050 to make your reservation today. Simply quote ‘Butchershop Pop Up’ when booking.

Merchant City, we’re coming for you! #ThereGoesTheNeighbourhood

Address: 158 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1EJ

Option 1:

The original and best battle of the beef will be available throughout the pop up as The 158 Café Bar at Hutchesons plays host to the greatest match up since Ali vs. Frazier. The choice is simple… Are your burger or are you steak?

At £30 for TWO, you can choose between a Butchershop burger or our delicious 35 day dry aged rump steak – both served with fries and a bottle of wine to wash it all down!

Option 2:

When your server approaches the table with this beast of a steak… meat carved and resting over a half metre long rib bone, other guests will tremble in awe, basking in your magnificent steak prowess and impending entry to carnivore nirvana.

As a Butchershop Pop-Up special, you can enjoy a 1.2kg TOMAHAWK steak, two sides, two sauces, plus a bottle of house red or white wine for only £70. #BOOM

Superheroes, Steaks and The Flash in Finnieston

Costumes, Comics and Heroes take over The Butchershop for MCM Comic Con Annual Show at The SECC

Join our superhero steak squad and get in character for the MCM Comic Con (or simply ‘Flash’ your ticket) to get your very own superhero steak dinner this Sunday!

1.2kg TOMAHAWK Steak to share + 2 sides + 2 sauces + bottle of house wine = £70 per ‘Dynamic Duo’.

No superhero story would be complete without a good plot at heart and every guest that dines with us at The Butchershop Bar and Grill will be helping to fundraise for the STV Appeal. A discretionary £1 per table will be added to guests’ bills from today until October 16th with owners James and Louise Rusk matching the total raised to help fight child poverty in Scotland.

Superhero Steak

Picture courtesy of Jamie Simpson/Herald and Times

Superman, Ironman and Spider-Man – just some of the superheroes you’ll find hiding out at The Butchershop this weekend, where they’ll be using their superpowers to serve supersize Scotch steaks to the expected 30,000 attendees of the sold out MCM Comic Con at the SECC this weekend!

In the spirit of the UK’s largest pop culture and comic memorabilia festival, we’re offering you your own superhero steak dinner – a humongous Flinstone-esqe bone in rib steak aptly known as the Tomahawk with four sides and a bottle of house wine for £70 per couple* to those who join our superhero steak squad and cosplay as a comic character or their favourite TV hero (this Sunday 27th September or show your MCM Comic Con ticket)

Or what about a specially created supercharged elixir – The Flash: a vibrant red concoction that will keep any villain at bay and quench the thirst of your heroes! Made with equal parts Tequila, Chambord, a helping of raspberry purée, mint leaves and zesty lime.

ET 23 09 15 Superheor Steak Website

Speaking about the Steak Superhero Squad owner James Rusk of The Butchershop Bar & Grill and Grade A Listed dining venue Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, says:

“Our staff are our superheroes every day and we wanted to celebrate and have a bit of fun during the September weekend for the masses of people attending Comic Con. Our Tomahawk steak looks as if it’s straight out a comic book so it’s a great fit!

James who has just been announced as Visit Scotland’s Hospitality Hero for Glasgow continues:

“We hope that our guests will join in the cosplay comic spirit and help us fundraise for a great cause at the same time.”

MCM Comic Con is the UK’s largest and most popular Comic Con pop culture event and Memorabilia Collectors show, bringing together the newest game releases, merchandise buying and an opportunity to meet leading actors, directors and animators of favourite shows and comics.

This the third annual Comic Con and this years special guests include Robert Llewellyn who plays Kryten in Red Dwarf, (which starts filming two new series in November), Robert Picardo of Star Trek: Voyager, Karl Yune who played villian Maseo Yamashiro in Arrow, Maile Flanagan, who voices the title role in animated series Naruto, Femi Taylor, who was Jabba The Hutt’s slave dancer in Return of the Jedi and the director and animator of animated series The Rolling Girls, Kotomi Deai and Hiroshi Shimizu.

The Tomahawk steak ranges in size from 1.2g to 2kg and is part of their cuts on the bone colossal steak range, this cut is hung on the bone by their fourth-generation master butcher who hangs the grass-fed Scottish beef for 45 days, allowing each cut the correct amount of time to reach the optimum buttery melt-in-your-mouth flavour level.

What makes these cuts extraordinary is the specialised dry-aging process of hanging cuts on the bone; this process allows for an enhanced ageing period as the bone retains more moisture, delivering that unadulterated taste perfection.

Located at 1055 Sauchiehall Street reservations can be made in advance by calling their reservations team on 0141 339 2999 or booking online.

For more information visit or follow on Twitter @ButchershopGLA or

*Available Sunday 27th September from 12 noon to 10pm. Cosplay or dress up to claim the offer or show your MCM Comic Con day ticket to your Butchershop server.

Tomahawk Thursdays

Tomahawk Steak

It’s so big it’s beautiful! We’re sick of the rain at Butchershop HQ and have decided to brighten and beef up Thursdays with this meat-tastic delight to celebrate one of our favourite Cuts On The Bone – ‘The Tomahawk’.

Join us EVERY Thursday in August for the return of our legendary TOMAHAWK THURSDAYS at The Butchershop Bar & Grill. Only £70 for two people, devour one of our 1.2kg (it’s that big) 45 day dry-aged TOMAHAWK steak sharers, plus two sides, two sauces and a bottle of house red or white wine for two.

Still to try one of our Tomahawks? Book in for Thursday NOW. You’ll be shouting #sorrynotsorry when you Instagram that wondrous piece of meat.

Available all day on these dates from 12 noon ’til late:

  • Thursday 6th August
  • Thursday 13th August
  • Thursday 20th August
  • Thursday 27th of August

Make your reservation today to avoid disappointment, simply quote ‘Tomahawk Thursdays’ by calling on of our reservations team on 0141 339 2999.

What is a Tomahawk Steak?

One of our colossal Cuts On The Bone, this cut is so kick-ass, it’s named after a deadly weapon. Our 45 day dry aged TOMAHAWK steaks are a rite of passage for any true meat aficionado. Aged, cooked and served with an entire, half-meter long rib bone, the meat is packed with the most intense beefy punch of any cut you’re likely to try and, of course, comes with that added ‘wow-factor’ you only get with this Flintstone-esq cut! An ideal sharing steak for a special occasion or the ultimate indulgence for an ambitious one.

August at The Kelvingrove Bandstand

Magners Summer Nights

Magners Summer Nights kicks off with a spectacular lineup at The Kelvingrove Bandstand, running from 6-8 and 13-15 August 2015.

Shows start from 6pm, so if you’re planning on dining with us be sure to book your table in advance to avoid disappointment!

For a round up of events in August visit our Around Us page



In celebration of the West End Festival kicking off on Friday and with summer just around the corner, we’re bringing you a whole new pop-up dining experience on our decking!

Butchershop Bar & Grill Rib Shack Pop Up Glasgow

Here at Butchershop HQ, we’ve listened to our customers who demand more! More meat, more tender, juicy slabs of protein, more epic carnivorous creations for you to get your teeth in to… Well ladies and gents, welcome to The Rib Shack!

There are few things in life more satisfying than a glistening, smoky rack of ribs; without doubt one of the most finger-lickingly delicious foods in existence. best eaten with your hands, a pile of napkins and a cold beer.

So leave your table manners at the door, roll up your sleeves and get messy on the Butchershop terrace this summer.


AVAILABLE Monday to Sunday 12-5:00pm

cooked in gochujang, rice wine vinegar, soy and seasame with cucumber kimchi BUTCHERSHOP

with toasted cornbread

cooked in garlic, ginger, chilli and star anise, coriander and brown sugar with charred sweetcorn and cabbage slaw

DISCLAIMER: Not recommended for a first date encounter, however protective clothing will be provided. The Butchershop & Grill will not be held accountable for Glasgow’s temperamental weather conditions… if it starts snowing, grab a blanket. We’ve got that covered. 


Remember it’s West End Festival Parade Sunday (June 7th) this weekend. Here’s the route for the parade. Samba from our decking!

#WEF2015 Parade Route: Botanic Gardens (3pm) > Byres Road (north) > Byres Road (south) > Dumbarton Road (3.45pm) > Art Galleries Kelvingrove Park (4.15pm) > Finale at Bandstand (5pm) > Samba special event at Art Gallery steps (5.30pm)

Butchershop Glasgow Cocktail

Cuts On The Bone


On our quest to source and serve the best steak in the world, we’ve launched a new premium range of colossal sharing Scotch steaks called Cuts On The Bone for our carnivore customers.

Perfect for sharing or for an adventurous one, four delicious cuts have been developed with each promising to deliver a steak explosion for every palate; from the exquisite jewel-in-the-crown buttery-textured fillet on the bone that’s rarely seen – even in some of the world’s best steakhouses, the ‘king of steaks’ porterhouse, the classic well-marbled sirloin on the bone and the succulent Flintstone-esque humungous bone in rib steak that is the Tomahawk.

Ranging in size from 700g to 2kg, these awe-inspiring cuts are hung on the bone in their own ‘Butchershop’ dry-aging room in an exclusive partnership with Cairnhill Farm in Girvan, where our fourth-generation master butcher hangs the grass-fed Scottish beef for 45 days, allowing each cut the correct amount of time to reach the optimum buttery melt-in-your-mouth flavour level.

What makes these cuts extraordinary is the specialised dry-aging process of hanging cuts on the bone; this process allows for an enhanced ageing period as the bone retains more moisture, delivering that unadulterated taste perfection.

Speaking about the new Cuts On The Bone steaks, restaurateur owner of The Butchershop Bar & Grill and Grade A Listed dining venue Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk says:

“Scotland is renowned for having the best beef in the world, and we wanted to heighten that reputation and create something truly spectacular for our customers and visitors to Scotland to experience.  As a company our ethos is to deliver the exceptional the same way every day and by working closely with our butcher we have created a serious range of big cuts with an even bigger unbelievable flavour that we’re proud to showcase and call our own.

“Our Tomahawk has already been a massive hit after an extended trial with customers, but it’s our fillet on the bone that’s really getting our kitchen team and staff in a meat frenzy.”

Butchershop head chef, John Molloy said:

“As a chef you want to work with the best produce in the world and this is as good as it gets. These cuts are phenomenal; the flavour from the fillet on the bone is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Scotch fillet steak would normally be aged from 21 up to 28 days whereas with a fillet on the bone cut, the bone allows the meat to be aged for 45 days resulting in an unsurpassed enhanced flavour.

“We cook each cut simply allowing the superior quality and provenance of the meat to shine through. From our staple classic cuts to our new exciting cuts on the bone addition, there’s something for everyone.”

Cuts can be dry-aged for shorter periods of time like our classic and signature cuts which range from 21 – 35 days however after years of research with our butcher we’ve found that the optimum dry-aging time for the perfect flavour for the cuts on the bone steaks is 45 days. This length of time ensures that they keep the integrity of the great Scotch beef flavour but at the same time allow for optimum tenderness.

Cuts on the bone are available every day from The Butchershop Bar & Grill at 1055 Sauchiehall Street on a first come, first served basis or by reserving in advance by calling our reservations team on 0141 339 2999 or booking online.

Taste Our Best Award

Butchershop is proud to be recognised in Visit Scotland’s quality assurance scheme with a Taste Our Best award.

Taste Our Best

More about provenance:

At The Butchershop Bar & Grill we work hard with all of our suppliers to ensure the quality, provenance and traceability of all the ingredients we use.

Beef and Lamb

We’re members of the Scotch Beef Club and only serve the finest dry-aged Scotch beef and lamb. Our butchers are John Gilmours and Cairnhill Farm – four-generation farmers in Ayrshire, who provide us with grass fed, dry-aged beef from Limousin and Black Angus cattle. For our signature cuts we have our own dry-aging room at Cairnhill Farm where our beef is hung up to a period of 45 days ensuring a consistently high-end product.

Read about about our meat here

Seafood and Poultry

McCallums of Troon is our wonderful seafood and shellfish supplier, hand-picking and delivering the freshest catch from the west coast of Scotland and fish markets in Shetland, landed from boats fishing in the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean.  They also provide us with free range poultry.


Our Scottish cheeses are delivered from Glasgow cheesemonger, George Mewes. Where possible our fruit, vegetables, dairy and eggs are from Scotland and supplied by Direct Foods who source the freshest in-season produce.

Coffee is fairtrade from Italian Roma in Glasgow, while our tea selection is from Edinburgh-based Eteaket. Ice-cream is supplied from award-winning manufacturers Chocolate Box in Lanark.

Rock Star Dining March

Are you planning on joining us for #RockStarDining this month? There’s a lot of gigs happening in March at The SSE Hydro, what with Usher, Paloma Faith, Morrissey and Mrs Brown’s Boys all playing throughout the month. Make sure you check our social media for our creative #RockStarDining cocktails which are complimentary when you dine on our a la carte menu. Just show your ticket pre or post gig on the evening of your concert and our bartenders will serve you up a #RockStarDining special on us.

Here’s some of our past creations:

The Lionel Litchi: Martin Miller's Gin, Litchi liquer, strawberry purée, lime juice & bitters.

The Lionel Litchi: Martin Miller’s Gin, Litchi liqueur, strawberry purée, lime juice & bitters.

Spandau Ballet: Goldschlagher, apple liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup & dusted with GOLD!!

Spandau Ballet: Goldschlagher, apple liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup & dusted with GOLD!!

And remember if you going to Morrissey concert, The Hydro is going meat-free that day, so if you’re looking for a meat-fix, make sure you book your table with us before-hand to avoid disappointment.

Two or three course pre theatre menu available from Monday – Thursday 12-6pm, Friday and Saturday 12 – 5pm. A la carte menu served all day from 12 noon to 10pm.

Say I love you… with Steak

Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentines with an awesome steak feast at The Butchershop. Go all out and share a 1.2kg bone-in Tomahawk steak. Or what about a 28 day dry-aged chateaubriand, paired with a smooth bottle of Catena Malbec with layers of red cherry fruit

We have four days of romance lined up with our Valentines Set Menu running from Wednesday, the 11th to Saturday, the 14th February – allowing ample opportunity for you to show the one you love that you truly care. Give the gift of steak this Valentine’s Day and you’ll reap the rewards for a long time to come.

Reservations: Call our reservation team on 0141 339 2999 or book online A la carte available all day.

Butchershop Gift Experience

Looking for that romantic treat? Can’t make it out for Valentines? Why not spoil your other half and surprise them with one of our gift certificates. You can pop in and pick one up or alternatively purchase online and send with a personalised message via text or email, or posted in a custom gift wallet.

Presents? Gift Vouchers

gift voucher Glasgow restaurant The Butchershop Bar & Grill

Still looking for those Christmas presents? Why not gift your loved ones, family or friends with our Butchershop gift certificates? Finish that Christmas shopping.

Presented in a custom gift wallet by post or personalised and sent via text or email, purchase your certificates by popping in to Butchershop HQ, phoning 0141 339 2999 or purchase them  securely online via our website.